Myofascial Release

The use of sustained pressure into fascial (connective tissue) restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The fascia is the most superficial layer of tissue and when it adheres to the deeper layer of muscle beneath it, pain syndromes can often result. Little to no use of oil is common during this technique.    

Deep Tissue Massage

Releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas; the focus is on deeper layers of muscle. A highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions and past lingering injuries. 

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is the utilization of static pressure on specific myofascial points to relieve pain. This technique manipulates soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. In a healthy individual, nerves transmit impulses (which are responsible for every movement, function and thought) to the body very slowly. Injury, trauma, postural distortion or stress cause nerves to speed up their transmission, inhibiting equilibrium and making the body vulnerable to pain and dysfunction. NMT stabilizes low level of neurological activity to maintain normal function and overall health. 

Medical Massage

The practitioner works off a physician's prescription to address specific injuries, pathologies and rehabilitation. A variety of techniques may be used during the treatment, but focus is on the specific areas of the body related to the medical diagnosis; it is an adjunct to medical treatment. 

Sports Massage

Maintenance, event and rehabilitative massage for the athletic performer. Enhances performance, prevents injury, reduces pain and swelling, and bridges the gap to optimal performance. Aids in the removal of lactic acid from the tissue to promote more flexibility and function of the muscle.

Trigger Point Therapy

Concentrated finger pressure to trigger points (painful irritated areas of muscle) to break the cycles of spasm and pain. The effects are lasting and profoundly transformative. Proper breathing through the pain will often facilitate the release and return the muscle fiber back to its' normal state.

Geriatric Massage

Geriatric massage is a form of massage designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly. It helps to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and also increase range of motion. If you are elderly, geriatric massage can help you maintain and improve your overall health, as well as regain certain physical functions that have been reduced due to aging. In addition, since the elderly don't typically receive enough physical touch, this massage can also help alleviate symptoms of loneliness or depression.

Facial Cupping Rejuvenation

Facial cupping is a form of non-invasive treatment that can minimize the effects of sun, environmental damage and aging. It is accomplished by using customized cups specifically designed for the treatments of the face, neck and upper chest. The reverse suction that is applied work to gently lift the facial tissues stimulating the connective tissue which promotes blood circulation and draining of lymph nodes. As a result, the tissues receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients; and waste from the cells, and other harmful toxins and substances are eliminated. The therapist begins by first cleaning the skin and then applying a therapeutic oil such coconut, or similar, suited to the skin type. A light massage is given to the face, neck and shoulders and then cupping begins. Facial cupping can be either site cupping or gliding cupping and treatment is protocol specific and customized to the client's needs. Excess fluid is also drained and the facial muscles relax with the movement of the suction cups. The treatment itself is deeply relaxing to the body and mind and rejuvenating to the skin. A facial cupping session usually lasts ~ 30 minutes and can be a stand-alone treatment or added onto your massage.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cupping include:

  • Reduces edema and puffiness by draining lymph glands
  • Promotes healthy, youthful glow from nutrient rich blood flow 
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and scarring of injuries or acne 
  • Effective treatment for sinus infections, sinusitis, headaches, migraines, facial paralysis, ear aches, TMJ 
  • A natural face-lift which will also prove to lift your spirits