What to Expect

Intake Form
At the initial visit you will be asked to complete a Confidential Health History Form prior to the start of any bodywork. Your therapist will review the form and take the time necessary to gather information pertaining to your past and present medical conditions. They will check for any obvious postural imbalances that might be fueling your problem. They will share their observations with you and provide recommendations on what modality they think would be the most effective in assisting you to ease your pain and/or meet your personal goal(s) for the session.




Draping is required, never optional and is always maintained by your masssage therapist. You will be asked to doff clothing specific to the extremities to be addressed. Only the area of the body being worked on will be exposed during the session, all other areas will be covered with a sheet/blanket. 


Customized Sessions


Each session is customized for your specific needs. The therapist may incorporate some degree of passive stretching so if you have any known restrictions with regard to range of motion it is important to convey this at the beginning of the session. We encourage our clients to provide feedback during the treatment, especially if something is not comfortable. The therapist's goal is to make your experience meet or exceed your expectations. In doing so, your therapist will gladly adjust the room/table temperature, their pressure and/or the music choice to make the environment conducive to total  r e l a x a t i o n. 


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We believe the profound benefits of massage will be achieved only when you, your mind and your body are most at ease. 

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